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Exam 1 BCHS 3305 Spring 2010 ID Name _______________________ There are 25 multiple choice (p1-5) and 6 short answer (p6-8) questions. Answer all questions. Multiple choice: answer all 25. 2 pts each. Total 50 pts 1. What is the cofactor responsible for phosphate transfer to glucose in glycogen phosphorylase? a. Biotin b Thiamine pyrophosphate c. Flavin mononucleotide d. Pyridoxal phosphate e. Ubiquinone 2. Which statement is correct concerning the metabolic reaction shown below? HOCH 2 O OH OH OH OPO 3 -2 -2 O 3 POCH 2 O OH OH OH OH a. The enzyme that catalyzes this reaction is called a mutase. b. The enzyme that catalyzes this reaction can be classified as a kinase. c. This reaction requires the free energy of ATP hydrolysis. d. This reaction occurs only in the kidney. e. The oxidation level of glucose-1-phosphate is higher than that of glucose-6-phosphate. 3. Protein kinase A is responsible for phosphorylating phosphorylase kinase b. What must bind to protein kinase A to make it active? a. cyclic AMP b. ATP c. Ca 2+ d. glucose e. AMP 4. Which of the following statements does not apply to fatty acids? a. They most commonly have 14-20 carbons. b. They usually have an even number of carbons. c. Double bonds, when they occur, are usually conjugated. d. In higher plants and animals, C 16 and C 18 species predominate. e. None of the above. 1
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Exam 1 BCHS 3305 Spring 2010 5. The two major products of the pentose phosphate pathway are? a. NADPH and ribose-5-phosphate b. Fructose-6- phosphate and glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate c. Glucose-1-phosphate and glucose-6-phosphate d. ATP and pyruvate e. Acetyl-CoA and oxaloacetate. 6. Avidin, a protein in egg whites, binds biotin very tightly and prevents its absorption in the intestine. Consumption of large amounts of raw eggs can result in a biotin deficiency. Which of the following metabolic conversions cannot occur without biotin? (Note: This is not a problem with cooked eggs because cooking denatures avidin. Rocky Balboa…) a. Oxaloacetate Æ phosphoenolpyruvate b.1,3-Bisphosphoglycerate Æ glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate c. Fructose-1,6-bisphosphate Æ fructose-6-phosphate d. Pyruvate Æ oxaloacetate e. Phosphoenolpyruvate Æ 2-phosphoglycerate 7. Rank the melting points of the following fatty acids: (1) cis -oleate (18:1) (2)
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BCHS 3305 - Exam 1 BCHS 3305 Spring 2010 ID Name _ There...

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