APUSH- Chp 33 & 34 quizlet review

APUSH- Chp 33 & 34 quizlet review - Agricultural...

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Agricultural Marketing Act- set up Federal Farm Board Norris LaGuadaria Anti-Injunction Act- outlaws yellow dog; forbade injunctions in strike National Industrial Recovery Act- set up minimum wage; max hours; worker codes National Recovery Administration- enforce NIRA Schecter Case- declared NIRA unconstitutional Agricultural Adjustment Act- raise farmers’ purchasing power to parity w/ 1909 Tennessee Valley Authority- fed gov’t construct dams, power plants; created “yardstick” Federal Emergency Relief Administration- provide jobs; led by Harry Hopkins Works Progress Administration- supported arts, literary, photography Wagner Act- ensured right of labor to bargain collectively Social Security Act- pensions to retired persons Rural Electrification Act- electricity to rural areas Wealth tax- raised tax on high income, estates, and gifts Fair Labor Standards Act- abolish child labor, established minimum wage, 40 hr work wk
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