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Lecture 2-Mechanics Review 1 S TRESS A NALYSIS ( Mechanics Review) 1. Detailed sketch of problem including dimensions and loads Identify a right-handed co-ordinate system 2. Draw free-body diagram of problem cut from supports Include appropriate (unknown) reaction forces and moments from supports E.g. Roller 1 force Pin joint 2 forces Clamped (“built-in”) 3 forces, 2 moments & 1 torque 3. If statically determinate, use equilibrium to determine unknown reaction forces / moments / torques 4. Draw free-body diagram with beam sectioned at point of interest Include all appropriate internal forces / moments / torques In general, there will be: 1 normal force 2 shear forces 2 moments 1 torque But, some of these may be obviously zero and can be neglected Sign convention: Forces, moments and torques are positive if they act in a positive direction on a positive face 5. Use equilibrium to determine internal forces / moments / torques 6. Use these forces /moments / torques to calculate all six stress components acting at the point of interest. Imagine cutting a cube of material from around the material
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Lecture02.The%20Part%20of%20Mechanics%20Review - VK250...

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