05~chapter_04 - Project Life Cycle Chapter 4 Project and...

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1 Chapter 4 Project and Systems Definition Project Life Cycle Phase A: Conception phase Initiation stage Feasibility stage Proposal preparation Phase B: Definition phase Project definition System definition User and system requirements Phase D: Operation phase System maintenance and evaluation Phase C: Execution phase Design stage Production/build stage Fabrication Testing Implementation stage Training Acceptance tests Installation Termination System improvement System termination (To Phase A: Repeat cycle) System replacement Phase B: Definition Assume upon entering this stage project has been approved and funded. Also, assume these exist An SOW in RFP and proposal Initial list of user requirements A rudimentary project plan, as necessary for specifying technical content, time, and price in the proposal Contract with SOW (CSOW) Phase B: Definition (cont’d) Principle tasks during Phase B (not necessarily in this order) Organize project team: hold kickoff Clarify in detail user requirements Prepare detailed system requirements Prepare project master plan Review requirements and plan with customer Phase B: Definition Tasks In little projects, Phase B is short since much definition already happened in proposal preparation In big projects, Phase B can be lengthy sometimes taking years Project Kickoff Meeting The first formal meeting of the project team members and key stakeholders. A formal presentation with a question-and-answer period at the end. The project manager plans and runs the meeting. Runs 1.5-2 hours Purpose is to announce the project communicate what the project is about develop common expectations generate enthusiasm and commitment to project goals and deliverables. Covers who is the project manager project SOW, goals, and deliverables proposed project plan—budget, schedule, main work packages constraints and risks customers and other key stakeholders, their needs and requirements project organization structure and key team members immediate next steps. Held for every project and every major effort associated with the project
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2 Phase B: Primary Definition Tasks Define System Requirements and Specifications Create Project Master Plan Define User/customer Requirements User/customer Needs Project Definition During Definition, the project master plan and end-item requirements and specifications are defined. The system requirements and specification address what the end-item of the project must do. The project master plan describes how project will deliver the end-item that meets system requirements and specifications Define System Requirements and Specifications Create Project Master Plan Define User/customer Requirements Iterative process Details of the specifications are defined; master plan is expanded to reflect details As master plan is expanded, project constraints/opportunities/resources are
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05~chapter_04 - Project Life Cycle Chapter 4 Project and...

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