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APUSH- Chp 37 quizlet review

APUSH- Chp 37 quizlet review - Taft-Hawley Act No close...

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Taft-Hawley Act- No close shops; anti-unions Servicemen’s Readjustment Act- send soldiers to college; established VA Sunbelt- south and west; increased populations after WWII Federal Housing Administration- gov’t policy; movement to suburbs Veteran’s Administration- allow soldiers to buy homes, farms, businesses “White Flight”- whites left inner cities; urban became black and poor Nuremburg- German war criminals tried here Containment- US foreign policy on communism Atomic Energy Commission- control of nuclear energy production Iron Curtain- communist “curtain” over free nations Truman Doctrine- US must support free peoples fighting communism Marshall Plan- give aid to poor European countries; prevents communism Berlin Airlift- planes carry supplies to free part of Berlin in Soviet Germany Committee on Civil Rights- alienated Conservatives; Truman supported it States’ Rights of Dixiecrats- nominated J. Strom Thurmond in 1948 Fair Deal- raised min. wage, national health care, etc.; proposed by Truman
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