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1 SOSC 179 Hong Kong Government and Politics Spring 2004 Instructor: Dr. Ma Ngok Office: 3386 (Lift 13-15) Ext.7839 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Wednesday 3:00—5:00pm Course Description This course aims at providing a basic understanding of the important features of the government institutions of Hong Kong, major political developments in Hong Kong in the past 40 years, and political changes after 1997. The first part (about 1/3) of the lectures will be devoted to discussing the major political institutions of Hong Kong. The second part will review the major political events and developments since the 1960s that have important effects on present day politics. The third part will discuss the political changes after 1997 and issues in governance of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR). Particular attention will be paid to the nature of politics and governance in different periods of Hong Kong’s political history, and the major events that had impact on Hong Kong's political development. Students do not need to have prior background in Hong Kong politics or political science to take this class. It is hoped that through the class, students from different backgrounds can acquire a basic understanding of the government structure and political process of Hong Kong, which will help them to better understand current affairs of Hong Kong. Course Assessment Mid-term Examination I: 25% Mid-term Examination II: 25% Final Examination: 50% The mid-term examinations will consist of multiple-choice questions and short questions. In the final examination, students will be required to answer multiple-choice questions, short questions and other written questions. Course Schedule
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sosc179syb - SOSC 179 Hong Kong Government and Politics...

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