hw8 - 0 0 f f b 1 1 g g h 0 1 h g a 1 0 2. Sequence...

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The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering ELEC151 – Digital Circuit and Systems Homework 8 Issue Date: 25-11-2008 Due Date: 5 -12-2008 5:00pm *** Except the parts require computer plot, you need to do the homework by hand . *** Please put your assignment into the collection boxes labeled “ELEC151” outside the ECE Departmental General Office, 2 nd Floor, near Lift 25-26 (Outside Rm. 2513). 1. State Reduction – Use both row matching method and implication chart to perform the state reduction of the following FSM. Next state Output Present state x=0 x=1 x =0 x=1 a f b 0 0 b d c 0 0 c f e 0 0 d g a 1 0 e d c
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Unformatted text preview: 0 0 f f b 1 1 g g h 0 1 h g a 1 0 2. Sequence Detector – Design a Mealy machine to recognize “1010” with D flip-flops using a) binary assignment and b) Gray code assignment. What are the equivalent gate counts of the next-logic in each assignment? 3. Vending Machine –A vending machine can deliver a package of gum after 20 cents are deposited. The machine has single coin slot for nickels (5 cents) or dimes (10 cents). The machine cannot make change. But if 25 cents are deposited, it will credit the buyer with 5 cents and wait for the buyer to make a second purchase. Use both binary and Gray code assignments for this design with D flip-flops Mealy machine....
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hw8 - 0 0 f f b 1 1 g g h 0 1 h g a 1 0 2. Sequence...

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