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Page 1 HONG KONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering ELEC151 Laboratory 0 Introduction to the Hardware Laboratory Lab Procedures 1. Lab Protocols For the lab experiments, all your preparations for the lab and the actual work done in the lab must be recorded on the lab summary sheets. You should practice and form the habit of recording things on your summary sheets in a reasonable, logical and neat manner. All circuits must be drawn neatly. It is preferable to use a ruler, template or software program to draw your logic circuits. Fill in the Summary Sheets in pencil. Be sure to get your TA to check off your prelabs, demonstrations and measurements. Your prelab preparations are also part of the lab summary. 2. Due Dates Every lab experiment should be done in a single week and it is due at a specific date. Please refer to the course website and check carefully the due date. If you hand in your lab report late, your grade will be deducted 20% per day . Try to always finish your experiment in your lab section; if you don't make it, see this as an indication that you have to prepare yourself more thoroughly before coming to the lab. 3. Academic Honesty You are expected to write up your prelabs and laboratory experiments on your own, even though you work in a group of two. Students who cut corners will be severely penalized. 4. Lab Preparations
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