Lab5_2 - Programmable Logic Devices

Lab5_2 - Programmable Logic Devices - THE HONG KONG...

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Page 1 of 5 THE HONG KONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering ELEC 151 Laboratory 5-2 PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC DEVICES Grading s This lab accounts for 3% (2% software lab, 1% hardware lab) of your overall grade. A) Objectives 1. Study the procedure of programming a PLD. 2. Study the function of Generic Array Logic (GAL), and learn how to use GAL to implement the circuit you have drawn using OrCAD Express . B) Pre-lab Assignments 1. Read through this lab outline, and draw the circuits implemented by GAL in the summary sheet. 2. Bring along the diskette that contains the PLD files created in Lab 7 using OrCAD Express . C) Hardware Requirement: - Logic Probe - Breadboard - Power supply - GAL20V8A - 330-ohm resistors - LED's D) Experiment Procedures: In this experiment, you will learn how to program GAL devices. We choose GAL devices because of their reprogrammable capability. We will use GAL20V8A in this experiment. We will test out the JEDEC file, which was created in the last experiment (Lab 5-1). The JEDEC file is the DEV2xxxx.jed, which is created in the ' Timed ' directory after the Build operation. The basic steps to program a PLD device are: - prepare the JEDEC file - set up the programmer and associated equipment - download the JEDEC file into the programmer - program and verify the PLD using the programmer - test the programmed PLD in the actual circuit
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Page 2 of 5 1) Prepare the JEDEC files: Basically, we can use any PLD compiler to create the JEDEC file. In the last experiment, we have used the OrCAD Express software to create the JEDEC file. It has been stored in the directory named " Timed ". Make sure you have your JEDEC files from the last experiment all saved up or archived in your diskette (or USB stick). 2) Set up the Programmer and associated Equipment:
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Lab5_2 - Programmable Logic Devices - THE HONG KONG...

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