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cheat-sheet-final - Final Exam • Date 16 Dec 2008(Tuesday...

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Unformatted text preview: Final Exam • Date: 16 Dec 2008 (Tuesday) • Time: 4:30pm – 7:30pm (~3 hour) • Venus: LG4202 (Seating plan will be posted on the web) • 35% of your grade • Past paper will be posted very soon Final Exam • Close Book, Close Notes • one page (double side) A4 sheet is allowed ** Only 1 A4 sheet is allowed ** • What you need to bring: • Student ID • Pen • No calculator is needed • Format: • 6 Question (each question with a number of parts) One page (single side) A4 sheet is allowed • The one page of A4 sheet will be treated as 1 homework (worth 2% of your total grade) • You will get 0 mark for your Final if we didn’t receive your A4 sheet – (1) If the A4 sheet contain any printed past paper 0% / 2% – (2) If the A4 sheet contain any printed material 1% / 2% – (3) Otherwise 2% / 2% – ** Extra 0.5% bonus if only single side is use Final Exam Wait outside the Exam room until you are told to come in Locate your seat as soon as possible, don’t look at the exam paper and do not start until you are told to do so Write down your Name, Student ID on both the Examination paper and Answer Book All the examination materials will be collected after the examination. Absent from Final Exam Absent from Final is highly not encourage In case you have any emergency, you need to give us minimum “2 hours” prior notification. (i.e. before 2:30pm on 16-12-2008) Please send Prof. Huang email (cc to Jeff) and let us know what happen The makeup exam issue will be arranged by the ARR and Vice-president Office Final Exam What will cover in midterm Exam Lecture Notes (chapter 0 to chapter 9) ** Exam Question will be concentrated on chapter 7 and 9 Lab 1 to lab 6 Homework 1 – 9 Tutorial Notes (may not be very important!!) Textbook (Topic mentioned from Prof. Huang) ...
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