SolStd29 - RTP such as error control. 15. The web server...

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1 CHAPTER 29 Multimedia Solutions to Odd-Numbered Review Questions and Exercises Review Questions 1. In streaming stored audio/video , a client first downloads a compressed file and then listens to or watches it. In streaming live audio/video , a client listens to or watches a file while it is being downloaded. 3. A metafile contains information about a corresponding audio/video file. 5. Jitter manifests itself as a gap between what is heard or seen. 7. JPEG is used to compress images. MPEG is used to compress video. 9. The DCT reveals the number of redundancies of a block. Exercises 11. a. 9 packets played; 11 packets left b. 12 packets played; 8 packets left c. 17 packets played; 3 packets left d. 22 packets played; 8 packets left 13. We can say that UDP plus RTP is more suitable than TCP for multimedia commu- nication. The combination uses the appropriate features of UDP, such as times- tamp, multicasting, and lack of retransmission, and appropriate features of
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Unformatted text preview: RTP such as error control. 15. The web server and media server can be two distinct machines since it is the meta-file-data file combination that is important. 2 17. Both SIP and H.323 use the Internet as a telephone network. The main difference is that H.323 uses a gateway to transform a telephone network message to an Inter-net message. See Table 29.1. 19. H.323 can also be used for video, but it requires the use of videophones. Currently most people don’t have videophones. Table 29.1 Solution to Exercise 17 Issues SIP H.323 Transport layer UDP or TCP UDP for data, TCP for control Address format IP address, e-mail address, or phone number IP address Establishment 3-way handshake H.225, Q.931, H.245 Data exchange UDP, TCP RTP, RTCP, UDP, TCP Termination BYE message Q.931...
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SolStd29 - RTP such as error control. 15. The web server...

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