Ch15 - Guide to Linux+ (2nd Edition) ISBN 0-619-21621-2 End...

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Guide to Linux+ (2 nd Edition) ISBN 0-619-21621-2 End of Chapter Solutions Chapter 15 Solutions Review Questions 1. What type of netfilter/iptables chain targets traffic that is destined for the local computer? a. INPUT b. ROUTE c. FORWARD d. OUTPUT Answer: a 2. A router must have a network interface on more than one network to transfer information between networks. True or False. Answer: True 3. The daemons associated with network services listen for network traffic associated with a particular _______. a. station b. port c. TCP/IP address d. allocation number Answer: b 4. Which of the following port numbers is associated with telnet? a. 20 b. 137 c. 49 d. 23 Answer: d 5. The document root directory contains files shared by the Samba daemon. True or False? Answer: False 6. Before a computer can be used as a router, it must be provided what configuration information? a. routing table b. subnet mask c. default gateway d. default router Answer: a 7. Which of the following are well-known ports? (Choose all that apply.) a. 1020 b. 50 c. 2048 d. 60191 Answer: a,b 8. What must you do in order to become a DNS server? (Choose all that apply.) a. Create zone files. b. Create resource records for DNS lookups. c. Create NIS maps. d. Run the name daemon (named). Answer: a, b, d 9. Which of the following Linux Intrusion Detection Systems can be used to detect port scans? (Choose all that apply.) a. ICU 1
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b. PortSentry c. tripwire d. Snort Answer: b, d 10. Which two commands can be used to modify the route table on a Linux computer? (Choose two answers.) a. route b. ipconfig c. ip d. traceroute Answer: a, c 11. Which file contains configuration information for the Samba daemons on Red Hat Fedora Core 2? a.
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Ch15 - Guide to Linux+ (2nd Edition) ISBN 0-619-21621-2 End...

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