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Bringing the Men Back in - 277 tale Bringing the Men Back...

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Bringing the Men Back In: Sex Differentiation and the Devaluation of Women's Work luse it would probably ; with a redefinition of 'ould be adapted to the as important and well :k mother would be as r software. Hierarchy selves. Of course, wo- : work. Perhaps there 1 where work and inti- ose to working adults, ~roup. Utopian writers ,er 1989). But this brief ,f which is how, given le pervasive and pow- 1ith 1988), so radical a lzzle out how gender l make some contribu- ds doing-producing ~anized so that domi- nation of women, are theory and behavior. In Another voice, edited by Rosabeth Kanter and Marcia Millman. New York: Doubleday. -.1977. Men and women of the corporation. New York: Basic Books. MacKinnon, Catharine A. 1979. Sexual harassment of working women. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press. -.1982. Feminism, Marxism, method and the state: An agenda for theory. Signs 7:515-44. Pat~man, Carole. 1970. Participation and democratic theory. Cambridge: Cambridge Universi- ty Press. -.1983a. Feminist critiques of the public private dichotomy. In Public and private in so- ciallife, edited by S. I. Benn and G. F. Gaus. Beckenham, Kent: Croom Helm. -: 1983b. Feminism and democracy. In Democratic theory and practice, edited by Graeme buncan. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. -.1986. Introduction: The theoretical subversiveness of feminism. In Feminist chal- lenges, edited by Carole Pateman and Elizabeth Gross. Winchester, MA: Allen & Unwin. -.1988. The sexual contract. Cambridge, MA: Polity. Ressner, Ulla. 1986. Review of K. Ferguson, The feminist case against bureaucracy. Economic and Industrial Democracy 7:130-34. -.1987. The hidden hierarchy. Aldershot: Gower. Scott, Joan. 1986. Gender: A useful category of historical analysis. American Historical Review 91:1053-75. Smith, .Dorothy E. 1979. A sociology for women. In The prism of sex: Essays in the sociology of knowledge, edited by Julia A. Sherman and Evelyn Torten Beck. Madison: University of Wis- consin Press. -.1988. The everyday world as problematic. Boston: Northeastern University Press. ~ Studies 5:97-118. !1 change. London: Pluto ersity Press. . t: deskilling and gender in tale: Job versus gender BARBARA F. RESKIN Bringing the Men Back In: Sex Differentiation and the Devaluation of Women's Work lelphia: Temple Univer- One of the most enduring manifestations of sex inequality in industrial and postindustrial societies is the wage gap. In 1986, as in 1957, among full-time work- ers in the United States, men earned 50 percent more per hour than did women. This disparity translated to $8,000 a year in median earnings, an all-time highbonus for being male. Most sociologists agree that the major cause of the wage gap Lane. ndustrial cooperatives.
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Bringing the Men Back in - 277 tale Bringing the Men Back...

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