Laboratory dna extraction

Laboratory dna extraction - LABORATORY DNA EXTRACTION...

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LABORATORY- DNA EXTRACTION Purpose/Objectives: To accurately follow a protocol. To develop pipette-ing technique and adhere to biohazard handling & disposal procedures To extract DNA, a macromolecule, from cheek cells. Background Scientists use scientific method to observe and ask questions, hypothesize, develop protocols, execute protocols, and draw conclusions that form the basis of further experimentations. In addition to the process of scientific method, scientists have an extensive toolbox for performing experiments. The tools in a scientists toolbox depends on the type of studies they are performing and their goals. Scientists are also constantly developing new tools to enhance their studies. Some examples of tools that biologists use include microscopes, rulers, measuring devices, thermometers. Different types of microscopes allow the observer to see at different resolutions and can highlight different colors or characteristics of the subject. Pipettemen are tools that make measuring small volumes of liquid simple but accurate. Other tools are standard procedures to obtain materials needed for future studies. DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is the molecule that carries genetic information and is needed for many studies in both animal model research and human subject research. Obtaining DNA for studies is necessary, and, as
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Laboratory dna extraction - LABORATORY DNA EXTRACTION...

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