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Bio1Alab_09_notebookrubric - Biology 1A Fall 09 Lab...

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Biology 1A Fall 09 1 Lab Notebook Grading Criteria The goal of your lab notebook is to demonstrate your ability to keep an organized and useful record of the scientific work you have done. Your notebook does not need to represent a series of formal reports or a final product for public viewing. It should reflect your personal organizational style and probably won’t look just like someone else’s notebook. Your lab notebook should be a well-organized tool that will help you prepare for the lab practical exams . All lab notebooks must be bound. Notebooks are graded on the following criteria: 1) Advance preparation: Every lab begins with a statement of purpose and very brief outline of the major concepts, experiments, and lab activities—written in your own words! I will briefly examine and sign off on your notebooks at the beginning of each lab session to confirm that you have thought about the lab prior to arriving and taken some notes about the lab.
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