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Paper1A - Research Paper Papers are DUE Wednesday December...

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Research Paper Papers are DUE Wednesday December 9, 2009. Worth 100 points (see “other reports” in your syllabus) INSTRUCTIONS: ± The purpose of this exercise is to delve deeper into some aspect of biology relevant to this course (Biology 1A) of particular interest to you . Examples of possible topics are listed below, but you are not limited to these topics and are in fact encouraged to come up with something completely different. However, you MUST inform the instructor of your selected topic. Papers should be about 5 to 10 pages (maximum 10 pages please), typed in 12 point font with1.5-2.0 spacing. Grades will be awarded based on the originality of examples used, the research articles on which you gathered your facts, and the overall quality of your written work. ± The paper must include data or facts found from at least three sources, including trustworthy web sites, scientific journals, and texts. Your paper MUST INCLUDE a references section to credit all sources used for your paper.
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