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Zach Porges Project 1 Design Rationale Alice in Wonderland has been presented in many different forms of media over the past 100+ years, so I decided to research these different formats. Initially, I planned to make a timeline showing the evolution of the story, but I thought it would be more relevant to show information about print, radio, film, and video games. Each form of media has an image of Alice in Wonderland on the home page.
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Unformatted text preview: For my storyboard, I included both web and real-world paradigms to represent film. The site ID is in the top left, and there are links to each section of the page. The film link is a different color and the Film header is towards the top of the page, indicating that the user is on the film page. There is a video with YouTube controls showing how film has evolved, but it is placed in the image of an actual movie theater....
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