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hw2 - Question 7(Optional Problem 4.14 from Stallings...

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9/25/2009 CSE 565: Computer Security Due: 10/6/09 Homework 2 Some problems are optional. Question 1: Problem 5.3 from Stallings (AES problem). Question 2 (optional): Problem 5.4 from Stallings (AES problem). Question 3 (optional): Problem 5.6 from Stallings. Question 4 (optional): Code the Extended Euclidean Algorithm in any language of your choice and computer the multiplicative inverse of 1234 mod 4321. Question 5: Determine the inverse of 30 modulo 53. You can use the Fermat’s theorem or the algorithm developed in Problem 1. Question 6: Problem 4.13 from Stallings.
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Unformatted text preview: Question 7 (Optional): Problem 4.14 from Stallings. Question 8: Problem 4.15 from Stallings. Question 9: Problem 8.16 from Stallings. Question 10: Find keys d and e for the RSA cryptosystem where p=7 and q=11. Question 11: Problem 9.2 from Stallings. Question 12 (optional): In an RSA system, the public key of a given user is e=31, n=3599. What is the private key of this user? (This would require a fair amount of hacking. Think along the lines of cryptanalysis of the RSA algorithm.) 1...
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