QUIZ#1 - 1 1.;historicalgeologyis the study of how rocks...

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1. What are the basic differences between the disciplines of physical and historical geology? 1. Physical geology is the study of fossils and sequences of rock strata; historical geology is  the   study   of   how   rocks   and   minerals   were   used   in   the   past. 2. Historical geology involves the study of rock strata, fossils, and geologic events, utilizing  the geologic time scale as a reference; physical geology includes the study of how rocks  form   and   of   how   erosion   shapes   the   land   surface. 3. Physical geology involves the study of rock strata, fossils, and deposition in relation to  plate movements in the geologic past; historical geology charts how and where the plates  were   moving   in   the   past. 4. none of the above — physical geology and historical geology are essentially the same 2. The   study   of   Earth's   atmosphere   is   known   as   ________.   1.  astronomy 2.  oceanography 3.  meteorology 4. cosmology 3. A ________ is a well-tested and widely accepted view that best explains certain scientific  observations. 1.  hypothesis 2.  generalization 3.  law 4. theory 4. All of the following are possible steps of scientific investigation except for ________.   1.  the   collection   of   scientific   facts   through   observation   and   measurement 2.  assumption   of   conclusions   without   prior   experimentation   or   observation 3.  the   development   of   one   or   more   working   hypotheses   or   models   to   explain   facts 4. development of observations and experiments to test the hypotheses 5. The ________ explains how our solar system probably formed from a giant cloud of gases  and   dispersed   solid   particles. 1.  protogalactic   theory 2.  nebular   hypothesis 3.  extrastellar   solar   hypothesis
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4. planetary compression theory 6. The   ________   refers   to   the   sum   total   of   all   life   on   Earth. 1.  hydrosphere 2.  atmosphere 3.  biosphere 4. asthenosphere 7. In   correct   order   from   the   center   outward,   Earth   includes   which   units? 1.
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QUIZ#1 - 1 1.;historicalgeologyis the study of how rocks...

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