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e360_apape_TimelineMidterm2.txt 2008-10-28 - 1/1 - prof: Andreas Pape | [email protected] office: LT 904 | OH: Wed 2-4p | date: Tue Oct 28 13:55:05 EDT 2008 _Proposed timeline of the next few weeks/rest of semester_ Tue Oct 28: Finish Supply, start The Market Wed Oct 29: adp office hours 2-4p Thu Oct 30: The Market, con'd. Tue Nov 4 : Class canceled. Go vote! Wed Nov 5 : adp office hours 2-4p Thu Nov 6 : Con'd The Market. HW 4 is due. Review questions for Midterm 2 available. Tue Nov 11: Review class for Midterm 2. Wed Nov 12: adp office hours 2-4p MIDTERM 2. 7-8p, location TBA. Note: Current schedule has Midterm 2 scheduled for Nov 5, so the above timeline is a CHANGE FROM THE SYLLABUS. Midterm 2 will cover only material since Midterm 1 through Nov 6.
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Unformatted text preview: This timeline will be finalized on Thursday, Oct 30, in class. If you have any concerns about this timeline, please email me by Thursday morning at 11a, so I can take your considerations into account. If you cannot attend this new Midterm time (on nov 12), email me. Thereafter will be finishing The Market and other topics: Public Goods Game Theory _Note on the FINAL_ The Final remains at its posted time: FINAL: Thurs 12/18/2008 14:00-16:00 Location: LH 002. There will be a similar kind of review process before the final: * There will be review questions * There will be some review time, either in the last days of class or some alternative time that we decide upon as a group. * We will discuss this timeline after Midterm 2. The Final is CUMULATIVE....
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