Practice Test 1

Practice Test 1 - Biol-1107 Armstrong Test#1-9 AM Fall 2005...

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Biol-1107 Armstrong Test #1-9 AM Fall, 2005 Place all books and papers away. Fill in your SOCIAL SECURITY where it says ID Number at the top of the Scantron sheet, and bubble in the circles. Also print your name clearly, LAST name first, and indicate the date/time of the test, your section, and the test version found in the footer on the reverse side of this sheet. There are 30 questions. You may write on your test as a record of what you answered on your scantron, but do NOT use large letters, talk, or allow other students to view your answers. Fill in the answers with #2 pencil on your scantron form. When you are finished, you mayturn in your answer sheet at the front of the room and are free to leave. 1) How many electrons would be expected in the outermost electron shell of an atom with atomic number 12? A) 1 B) 8 C) 2 D) 6 E) 4 2) An element with atomic number 8 would be likely to form chemical bonds with ___ hydrogen atoms. A) 1 B) 2 C) 4 D) 6 E) 3 3) When two atoms are equally electronegative, they will interact to form A) ionic bonds. B) equal numbers of isotopes. C) polar covalent bonds. D) ions. E) nonpolar covalent bonds. 4) Which of the following describes any reaction that has attained chemical equilibrium? A) All of the reactants have been converted to the products of the reaction. B) All of the products have been converted to the reactants of the reaction. C) Both the forward and the reverse reactions have stopped with no net effect on the concentration of the reactants and the products. D) The rate of the forward reaction is equal to
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Practice Test 1 - Biol-1107 Armstrong Test#1-9 AM Fall 2005...

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