Practice Test 3 - Biol-1107 Armstrong Test #3-9 AM 1) ALL...

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Biol-1107 Armstrong Test #3-9 AM Fall, 2005 1) ALL viruses have A) a protein coat B) a nucleic acid genome C) a viral envelope/membrane D) A and B only E) A, B, and C 2) Viruses are obligate parasites because A) they must use enzymes encoded by the virus itself. B) viral DNA always inserts itself into host DNA. C) they cannot reproduce outside of a host cell. D) they use RNA for their genetic material not DNA. E) they invariably kill any cell they infect. 3) The lytic cycle is characterized by: A) Viral DNA is incorporated into the host cell's DNA. B) The virus-host relationship usually lasts for generations. C) The viral DNA is copied without destroying the host. D) A large number of new virus particles are released soon after infection. E) Bacteria reproduce giving rise to many cells containing viral DNA. 4) How do viruses get into cells? A) The genetic material of some viruses is injected into the host cell by the protein coat. B) Viruses often attach to specific proteins on the surface of the host cell. C) Viruses sometimes trick the host cell into "eating" them by endocytosis. D) Both A and B are correct. E) Both A, B, and C are correct. 5) Which statement is wrong? A) Many of the same biochemical processes seen in eukaryotes also occur in prokaryotes but not in separate compartments. B) Prokaryotes can make cytoplasmic proteins but are unable to make secreted proteins because they do not have an endoplasmic recticulum. C) Prokaryotes are usually smaller than eukaryotes. D) Prokaryotes can't compartmentalize
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Practice Test 3 - Biol-1107 Armstrong Test #3-9 AM 1) ALL...

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