Practice Test 4

Practice Test 4 - Biol-1107 Armstrong Test #4-9 AM 5) O2 is...

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Biol-1107 Armstrong Test #4-9 AM Fall, 2005 1) You pass sunlight through a filter such that green light is unable to reach the plant. How will this affect the plant. A) The Dark reaction will take place but not the light reaction. B) Photosynthesis will occur normally. C) The light reaction will take place but not the dark reaction. D) The plant will not longer be able to carry out photosynthesis. E) Photosynthesis in the plant will take place at a faster rate. 2) Assume a thylakoid was somehow punctured so that molecules could cross the membrane freely. This damage will have the most direct effect on which of the following processes? A) the absorption of light energy by chlorophyll B) the reduction of NADP + C) the synthesis of ATP D) the flow of electrons from photosystem II to photosystem I E) the splitting of water 3) What is the primary function of the Calvin cycle? A) transport RuBP out of the chloroplast B) use ATP to release carbon dioxide C) use NADPH to release carbon dioxide D) split water and release oxygen E) synthesize simple sugars from carbon dioxide 4) Which of the following are products of the light reactions of photosynthesis that are utilized in the Calvin cycle? A) ATP and NADPH B) ADP, P i , and NADP + C) electrons and H + D) H 2 O and O 2 E) CO 2 and glucose 5) O2 is produced by A) occurs in the chloroplast but is not part of photosynthesis B) both the light reactions and the Calvin cycle C) neither the light reactions nor the Calvin cycle D) the Calvin cycle alone E) light reactions alone 6) Why are C 4 plants able to photosynthesize with no apparent photorespiration? A) They do not participate in the Calvin cycle. B) They conserve water more efficiently. C) They are adapted to cold, wet climates. D) They exclude oxygen from their tissues. E) They use PEP carboxylase to initially fix CO 2 . 7) Which of the following statements best represents
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Practice Test 4 - Biol-1107 Armstrong Test #4-9 AM 5) O2 is...

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