Practice Test 6

Practice Test 6 - Biol-1107 Armstrong 1) Cancers that...

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Biol-1107 Armstrong Test #6-9 AM Fall, 2005 1) Cancers that originate in structural/support tissues are called A) tumors B) leukemias C) carcinomas D) sarcomas E) lymphomas 2) Which of the following gives correct order for the stages of cancer development A) normal tissue, dysplasia, hyperplasia, carcinoma in-situ, metastatic cancer B) normal tissue, carcinoma in-situ, dysplasia, hyperplasia, metastatic cancer C) normal tissue, hyperplasia, dysplasia, carcinoma in-situ, metastatic cancer D) hyperplasia, dysplasia, carcinoma in-situ, metastatic cancer, normal tissue E) normal tissue, dysplasia, carcinoma in-situ, hyperplasia, metastatic cancer 3) Which of the following is NOT an approach than can be used to treat cancer? A) Expose the cancer cells to harmful levels of radiation or chemicals. B) Prevent the formation of new blood vessels. C) Surgery D) A healthy diet and exercise. E) These are all approaches that can be used to ttreat cancer. 4) Which of the following events MUST OCCUR for the production of a malignant tumor? A) activation of an oncogene in the cell B) inactivation of tumor-suppressor genes within the cell C) mutagenic substances are present within the cell's environment D) a retrovirus is present within the cell E) both A and B 5) Tumor suppressor genes A) are cancer-causing genes introduced into cells by viruses. B) are frequently overexpressed in cancerous cells. C) often encode proteins that stimulate the cell cycle. D) can encode proteins involved in DNA repair. E) all of the above 6) The incidence of cancer increases dramatically with age because A) the longer we live, the more mutations our cells accumulate. B) the cell cycle is more likely to be hyperactive
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Practice Test 6 - Biol-1107 Armstrong 1) Cancers that...

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