Practice Test 7 - Biol-1107 Armstrong Test #7-9 AM Fall,...

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Biol-1107 Armstrong Test #7-9 AM Fall, 2005 I. it is composed of all indifiduals inhabiting a given area II. all individuals in the population belong to the same species 1) Which of the above would be true for any population? A) I, II, and III B) III only C) II and III only D) I only E) I and II only 2) You are observing a population of lizards and notice that there are more adults now than there were two weeks earlier. A possible explanation for this could include A) emigration. B) immigration. C) increased emigration. D) a reduction in the death rate. E) both B and D 3) Clarke County is experiencing a problem with pine beetles which are killiing large numbers of pine trees. The first step towards dealing with the problem is to figure out how many pine trees there are in Clarke County. The couny hires you to figure this out and wants an answer by the end of next week. What method would give you the most accurate results. A) Start at one end of the county and walk through counting all of pine trees you see. B) Go outside your dorm/appartment, count the pine trees you see, and use that to estimate the total number of pine trees in the county. C) Walk through a section of woods and mark all of the pine trees you see. Have a friend walk through the same stretch of forest and count the pine trees s/he sees. Base the number of pine trees in the county on the number of times you both counted the same tree. D) Pick several areas in the county at random and count the number of trees in each area. Use the average to estimate the total number of trees in the county. E) Methods A or B would be equally accurate. 4) To measure the population density of monarch butterflies occupying a particular park, 100 butterflies are captured, marked with a small dot on a wing, and then released. The next day, another 100 butterflies are captured, including the recapture of 20 marked butterflies. One would estimate the population to be A) 10,000.
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Practice Test 7 - Biol-1107 Armstrong Test #7-9 AM Fall,...

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