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EXAM PRACTICE QUESTIONS Chapter 12 1. If the volume of a sample of neon is tripled while its Kelvin temperature is quadrupled, what is the affect on the pressure of the gas? 2. The simplest formula for a compounds is NO 2 . If 46.0 grams of the gas occupies 11.2 L at STP, the mass of one mole of the compound is ______. 3. The volume of a sample of gas is 405 mL at 10.0 atm and 467 K. What volume will it occupy at 4.29 atm and the same temperature? 4. If 5.50 L of argon gas at 273 ° C is heated at constant pressure to a temperature of 546 ° C, what would be its new volume? 5. A sample of helium occupies 1.40 L at standard conditions. What pressure will it exert in a 5.00 L vessel at 100. ° C? 6. Given the mass of one mole of gaseous NO is 30.0 grams/mol, calculate the density of NO in grams/liter at STP. 7. A dentist has a 5.00 L cylinder of "laughing gas", N 2 O, at 20.0 atm and 25 ° C. What mass of gas is contained in the cylinder? 8.
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