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Kevin Phipps Assignment #1 TA: Sara Keene Essay #1 After examining the General Social Survey (GSS), one thing that immediately becomes apparent is that people of all social classes rank each of the five socialization items in a similar order. For example, each of the social classes ranked THNKSELF as the most important. While there was some deviation in the percentages, it still remained the highest for each class. OBEY was the second most important item for all classes, except for the upper class in which it was edged out by WORKHARD by .1%. POPULAR was the least important item for each of the four classes. Considering that thinking for oneself was the most important value for all classes, it is not surprising that popularity would be ousted, as it usually refers more to conformity, the opposite of THNKSELF. With thorough examination, one begins to discover the slight differences in the table. For example, the lower class placed almost twice as much emphasis on obeying than did the upper class (25.1% compared with 13.9%). This makes sense when considering the positions they hold within the social hierarchy. A CEO or some executive in the upper class is at the top of the social ladder and thus has no one else to answer to, while a lower class worker is in a very low position. They may be very motivated to obey their superiors in an attempt to obtain a promotion. Another difference that stands out is the difference in percentages for THNKSELF. This item accounted for 60.0% in the upper class while it only made up 38.8% of the lower class. This fact is likely linked to the difference in OBEY. Obeying and thinking for oneself are opposites. If you are
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Assignment 1, Essay 1 and 2 - Kevin Phipps Assignment #1...

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