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bibliography one - Citation Style for Coml 1126.102 In your...

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Citation Style for Coml 1126.102 In your formal writing for this class, use a consistent citation style for references. If you already use a style that is standard for your discipline, you’re welcome to continue using that. If not, please use Chicago style, per the following guidelines: For in-text citations, give bibliographical information in a footnote or endnote. In Word, choose Insert --> Footnote; then select either footnote or endnote. In Chicago style, a note looks like this: 1. Michele D. Dickey, “Girl Gamers: the Controversy of Girl Games and the Relevance of Female-Oriented Game Design for Instructional Design,” British Journal of Educational Technology 37 (2006): 787-788. Author’s first name first and last name last; article title in quotations, journal title in italics (or underlined), volume number, year in parentheses, colon, page numbers referenced, period at the end. For a book, put publisher information in parentheses, followed by colon and page numbers referenced: 2. J. L. Herz,
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