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Kevin Phipps January 31, 2009 Essay #1 Video Games: Studying the Wrong Group Videogames are for males. That is, according to many stereotypes put in place by today’s society. It is impossible to deny that there exists a difference in participation in this world of electronic entertainment between males and females. In fact, according to the 2008 ESA Essential Facts about the Computer and Video Game Industry , 60 percent of American game players are male while only 40 percent are female (5). In this, the question arises, what is the origin of this “gender gap?” Various explanations have been given by researchers around the world. For example, Cherney and Poss used their studies with the Nintendo Wii in an attempt to prove their theory that evolutionary differences are the cause of this gap. Others, including Lucas and Sherry, have taken a different approach: “Rather than viewing the gaming experience as an individual cognitive experience, [they] argue that the gender differences evidenced in video game play can be explained best by examining the gaming experience as a multilevel communicative phenomenon” (500). They examine the social influences that ultimately determine the proportions of men to women that play videogames. While every theory may only be a theory, they all give some insight to finding the cause for the gap. Although the numerous studies that have been performed have found a clear “gender gap” in the play of videogames, they have mostly examined the difference in people in their late teens and early twenties, while a better understanding might come from children under 10 years of age, as they have been opened up to the videogame world earlier on in their lives, and thus may be on an entirely different level than their elders. The cliché “children are our future” is very
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true in this case. By examining the differing play in the youth of our world, it could be more
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essay 1 - Kevin Phipps January 31, 2009 Essay #1 Video...

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