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Author: Courtney Yoo Editor: Kevin Phipps Peer Editing: Essay #5 a. Good convincing paper. You use language that is easy to understand and yet flows together well. b. Try to add a little more of a hook to your intro paragraph. I really like the ending statement in your conclusion but you could maybe add a little more before it. Overall, they work together well to open up and close your paper. They would be even better with a little bulking up of the conclusion and some overall fine tuning. c. Your thesis seemed to be the final sentence of the intro paragraph though the end of the preceding sentence seemed to somewhat run together with it. You do a good job sticking to it throughout your paper. d. You do a very good job of explaining yourself without repeating at all. You also do a good job giving plot details without an overly detailed plot summary. This makes it easy for someone that is not in the class to understand your paper. e.
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