Peer Editing Sheet 2 - Peer Editing Take Home Sheet Author Ramn Guadalupe Jr Editor Kevin Phipps a You seemed very real throughout the paper Good

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Peer Editing Take Home Sheet Author: Ramón Guadalupe Jr. Editor: Kevin Phipps a. You seemed very “real” throughout the paper. Good voice and convincing argument. b. Try to add another sentence in your conclusion to echo back to the thesis. Maybe add more of a hook to the intro paragraph to get the reader’s attention. Good job avoiding plot summary and keeping to your thesis. c. Your thesis is argumentative. I interpreted your argument being that the modernist view of woman was to be accepted by the people. d. Someone from another class should be able to understand the essay due to your brief plot overview and good use of quotes to prove validity of your points. e. I think that your counter argument was the first sentence of your conclusion. I don’t know if it’s better to include that earlier on in the essay, but that might be something to
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