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Author: Laura Sullivan Editor: Kevin Phipps Peer Editing Sheet a. You sounded very convincing. Good argument just make sure all your quotes are backed up well (they mostly are already). b. Start with a little bit more of a hook if possible to get the reader interested. Good intro and good thesis, but see if you can cut your thesis to one sentence. Good job avoiding plot summary. Try to add a little more to conclusion. Make it thought provoking. c. Thesis seems to be argumentative and strong. d. Good job referencing to text a lot but not summarizing the plot. This makes it understandable to those who haven’t read the story. e. I wasn’t sure on your counter argument. Maybe the first part of thesis? Try to make this clearer. f. Very good use of quotes, just go over them to be sure they are all adequately explained.
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Unformatted text preview: g. Good transition statements. Overall, paper flows together well. h. 3 rd paragraph: 2 nd sentence might be a little wordy but it seems okay. Other that, great job varying sentence structure and avoiding wordiness. i. One thing I would suggest is to make it more clear what the difference is between each of the paragraphs. They all kind of seemed to be conveying the same idea (good that your evidence all supports your argument, just try to show that it is coming from different areas). Maybe in the conclusion you could try to relate the ideals to our world today? Something that will make the conclusion and overall purpose of the paper more powerful. j. Include the title of the work in your paper’s title. Try to make it a little catchier too....
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