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the slaughter house

the slaughter house - Phipps 1 Kevin Phipps Final Draft The...

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Phipps, 1 Kevin Phipps 9/4/08 Final Draft The Slaughter House Essay Throughout our lives, we always search for protagonists, the good guys. Whether it’s relaxing on a Sunday afternoon watching the football game or watching our favorite movie, we constantly search for someone to root for. We tend to find the character most consistent with our own beliefs and give them all of our support. The protagonist is certainly clear in some situations such as a comic book; however, many real life circumstances are much more difficult to determine a protagonist. Although it may not become immediately apparent, in Esteban Echeverria’s The Slaughter House , the protagonist should be seen as the Unitarians. Though they do not clearly stand out as the more virtuous and overall good group, the Unitarians may be seen as the lesser of the two evils (not necessarily meaning that they truly are evil but they tend to get a rather bad rap from the Federalists clouding our judgment of them). As
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