the tree - Kevin Phipps Tamra Paz Soldn October 16, 2008...

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Kevin Phipps Tamra Paz Soldán October 16, 2008 Essay #3 Final Draft “The Tree” of Lies All too often it seems that marriages are founded on a false love leading to chaos as the bond is abruptly dissolved. It is a tragedy to witness such an incident as people live forged lives wasting valuable time. The hastiness of marriage is often a result of the pressure of society on people to find a life partner when they are fairly young. Another major reason for such marriages is that people dreamily try to achieve their fantasy. We see an example of such an occurrence in Maria Luisa Bombal’s “The Tree,” as the young Brígida marries her father’s friend Luis before discovering she does not truly love him. In this story, Bombal uses the motif of light with the symbol of the rubber tree to represent Brígida and Luis’ fabricated marriage, which is founded primarily on Brígida’s girlhood fantasy, while its faults are hidden from reality. Growing up, Brígida is seen as an ignorant, stupid child with little prospect of maturing into a normal adult. Her father literally gives up on her as he utters, ‘“If she favors playing with dolls at the age of sixteen, let her play”’ (234). She lives in her fantasy world deciding that it is “pleasant…to be ignorant” (234). Rather than learning and establishing herself as a mature individual, she chooses to live in a fantasy where every action she takes is purely for entertainment. Immense pressure is put on Brígida as she is left the sole unmarried daughter in the family at age eighteen. Not knowing what to do, she chooses her father’s friend Luis “for
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the tree - Kevin Phipps Tamra Paz Soldn October 16, 2008...

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