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Original worksheet by D. Perley The Celestial Sphere: Lost at Sea One fine autumn day in Berkeley, you are enthusiastically walking to your Astro 10 lecture (which of course you attend each and every day). However, as you're crossing Sproul Plaza, you are suddenly kidnapped by ninjas! You awaken some unknown length of time later aboard a small rowboat floating in the middle of the ocean with only the clothes you were wearing, your watch, a small two-way radio, and a whiteboard equipped with colored pens. After much effort you finally manage to contact a rescue service on the radio. .. but unfortunately, they can offer you no assistance because they do not know your location and have no idea where to send a rescue plane. Can you figure out where you are based on your Astro 10 knowledge of the motion of the Moon and Sun? Use your handy whiteboard to reason it through, drawing diagrams wherever possible. 1.
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