MT1 Jeopardy (2007) - Astro C10 Jeopardy (Midterm #1...

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Astro C10 Jeopardy (Midterm #1 Review) Nicholas McConnell Fall 2007 Rules for students: 1. Arrange yourselves in five groups, with approximately equal numbers in each group. If you are in a big group, it is in your interest to move to a smaller one, because then you will get a bigger cut of your new group’s candy . 2. There are five questions in each of 7 categories. The questions range in value from $100 to $500. (You are not playing for real money. In past years, I equated $100 to one piece of candy —talk about inflation!—but passing out the goods took valuable time away from reviewing. So this time I’ve placed the candy at everyone’s table, up front. If you want to be disciplined, you can wait until successfully answering a question to eat your candy, but you don’t have to). 3. Once a group selects a question, I will read it out loud. The group who selected the question has 30 seconds to discuss and respond. Each turn, a different person from your group should pose the group’s “final answer” . If necessary, I will select a person at random from your group to give the response. Responses do NOT have to be in question form. 4. If the question is answered incorrectly or incompletely, it will be open to the other four groups. The first group to “buzz in” by waving this sheet of paper (with Alex Trebek’s face on the back) will have 15 seconds to answer. If multiple groups buzz in immediately, I will chose one individual at random, to represent his/her group with a response. 5.
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MT1 Jeopardy (2007) - Astro C10 Jeopardy (Midterm #1...

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