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Mathematics 16A. Summer 2009 Instructor: Ian Herbert Final Exam August 13, 2009, 8:00-10:00 Your Name: SID: Directions: This is a closed book exam. No calculators, cell phones, pagers, mp3 players and other electronic devices are allowed. Remember: Answers without explanations will not count. You should show your work clearly. If I can not understand the work you are trying to show, I won’t be able to give you credit for it. Solve each problem on its own page. If you need extra space you can use backs of the pages and the extra page attached to your exam paper, but make a note that you did so. Note: Some answers will involve square roots. Unless otherwise noted, you may leave your answers in terms of square roots/improper fractions/natural logs/numbers with exponents/unsimplified expressions, although it will sometimes help to to simplify in the process of solving a problem. Attention: The questions are ordered more or less by the order in which we encountered the material, NOT in order of difficulty. If you get stuck on a hard question, there might be an easier
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Su09_Final_Exam-I.Herbert - Mathematics 16A. Summer 2009...

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