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1 Insect Interaction with Animals/Plants Readings: Evens_part 1.pdf and Evens_ part 2.pdf Key questions (animals): 1. How are parasites and parasitoids different? 2. What zoophagous categories are most likely to include serious disease vectors for humans? 3. How are saprophagous insect important to humans? Key questions (plants): 1. How could feeding by insects on a tree’s roots affect the fruit crop? 2. How can practices that generally increase agricultural production lead to increased pest problems? 3. What are some ways that insects overcome plant resistance to herbivory? I. Insect use of animals (including other insects) A. Zoophagous or Carnivorous - Feeding on other animals in order to obtain nutrients. Loose classification: 1. Predators : Capture and consume living prey. a. involves behaviors and structures for finding and capturing prey b. adaptations for handling (masticating) and digesting prey c. often is very generalized 2. Parasites : Live in close association with a single individual host without directly killing it. a. Extraordinary modifications are frequent in body form and behaviors b. Typically species-specific or a narrow range of host possibilities 3. Parasitoids : Live in close association with a single individual host that is slowly consumed, resulting in death of the host. a. Many Hymenoptera and Diptera b. Typically feed on nonessential tissues until nearly developed to last larval instar 4. Blood feeders (Hematophagous) : Feed on a series of hosts and live separately a. Many of these are significant disease vectors
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InsectInteractionsHO - Insect Interaction with...

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