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Assignment: Water Resource Plan 1 Assignment: Water Resource Plan Nichole Primus SCI275 September 5, 2010 Aimee Pellet
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Assignment: Water Resource Plan The water resource issue I have chosen is the fresh water resource issue of water pollution. Water pollution originated from both human waste removal skills, or lack thereof, and the combination or human product use and nature. For example, fertilizer is applied to lands by humans, and then carried into bodies of water by rains. Since fertilizers and sewage contain nitrates and phosphates these nutrients can over stimulate algae and plant life, and essentially pollutes the water by clogging it up waterways, using up dissolved oxygen as it decomposes, and by blocking light to deeper areas of the water. Pathogens are another large source of water pollution. They can cause an array of illnesses such as dysentery to minor respiratory and skin diseases. A few causes of pathogens into waterways are untreated sewage, storm drains, run off from farms, septic tanks, and boats that dump sewage. Several other causes would be petroleum, radioactive substances, and heat (Krantz & Kifferstein). The best course of action against water pollution would be to thoroughly teach humans about water pollution, and all the possible sources or causes of it. This could essentially eliminate a lot of current water pollution causes such as dumping, run offs, and alert society about the potential dangers of sources of water pollution that most are probably unaware of.
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