Chapt 14 - Harry knows the key information and he is able...

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Matt Phares Chapter 14 3/6/10 Self –Assessment 1. No 2. Yes 3. No 4. Yes 5. Yes 6. Yes 7. My past history class I would study by working my study guide given by my teacher and I would also review my notes. I would also outline my text and make a sample test for myself. On Your Own I would fall into medieval monk I am a kinestich learner so I learn new info by rewriting info or typing it many times. I like to try and memorize as much as possible this way I am prepared for my test. To do better I could do a thorough job of previewing my text and I can break down the text and read the longest parts first before I mark it down. Real College Scenario I would tell Harry to work on his paraphrasing skills that way he can get all his teachers thoughts down and not just have half thoughts. I would also suggest that Harry use a discussion chart during class which would help be more organized, this way he can get all his professors thought on paper. For his “works” harry should do a question and answer straegerty. This will ensure
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Unformatted text preview: Harry knows the key information and he is able to pick out the key info from the text. I would maybe try using a Timeline that way he can read his works and in somekind of organizantional order. This would help keep his work in a neat fashion. Add to your Portfolio 1. History 102 2. The course is a T/TH lecture with test and attendance grades. 3. The task for this course are taking notes, attending class and taking the exam. This requires all basic knowledge and lower level thinking. These tasks are all memorization. 4. I should annotate my note because there is no text for this class. I should make note of words my teacher has emphasized on during lecture. 5. Previewing and reviewing my notes would be best because they would make sure I am self testing right. 6. To prepare for an exam in this class I would attend my teachers review session then I would fill out her study guide as well....
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Chapt 14 - Harry knows the key information and he is able...

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