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PA3 - make the material easier and understandable to me...

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Matt Phares PA Final Paper Stat 215 1. I believe that I will earn a D or C in this course. I lack interest in this subject I find the material to be difficult. The class does not have an attend policy but he does not hand out notes either. There have been two tests with both averages below 50. 2. For this course, I spend a lot of time reading the text book and studying the online notes and modules. Despite all the work I do for this class I still lack the grade I want and am being hurt due to the grades worth so little where as the test are so much. 3. As with my other classes this class can be time consuming. It only meets twice a week but there is a lot of required reading and the notes during class are in massive amounts. To me the material is interesting but my teacher makes it much harder than it needs to be. I understand the class notes but I do not understand the test problems. 4. The problems still exist, however just as with computer science I had to find ways to
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Unformatted text preview: make the material easier and understandable to me. This way I can stay focused and pass the class without having to retake it. 5. Making myself do the required readings and attend class has been very difficult, but in doing so my grade has improved my first test grade was a 21 but my second test grade went up to a 53. I try to go to class with a positive attitude that I will learn something. 6. I have received two F’s on the test in the class. Using cards seemed to work for me but my test grades do not reflect it. Chart maps have also allowed me to work through my test problems that I did not know. 7. The skills I have learned this semester have been very beneficial. They have helped me study the material that I find very dry and boring but also keep me active during class so I don’t fall behind or find myself just working through the motions....
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PA3 - make the material easier and understandable to me...

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