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Chapter 9: Dealing with Stress 1. List the six categories of stress. a. Prior Academic record b. Social influences c. Family d. Finances e. Career Direction f. Situational Problems 2. How does stress affect you? a. 3. List and explain several strategies used for reducing stress. a. Relax b. Exercise c. Take Charge d. Put problems in perspective e. Be flexible f. Develop interests g. Seek Help h. Enjoy yourself 4. What can you do to try to reduce public speaking anxiety? a. Do not rush through your speech b. Do not be monotone c. Stay calm and not jittery d. Make eye contact e. Use note cards 5. What types of things can you do to deal with writing anxiety? a. Write often b. Work from a plan c. For essay test, predict questions d. Start Early 6. How should you cope with mathematics anxiety? a. Face it head on b. Take a class that is at your level c. Read the text and work problems each day d. Talk the problems through e. Get help early 7. What can you do to overcome test anxiety? a. Be prepared b. Understand the task c. Arrive early d. Have a specific approach in mind e. Focus on you f. Get help controlling your anxiety g. Visualize your success 8. What are three tips for coping with the general academic pressures that you Experience every day? 1. Do not procrastinate 2. Do not listen to other students before the test 3. Learn to say no Chapter 10: Strategic Reading 1. Discuss the relationship between text heading and reading comprehension. a. The text heading is there to introduce the topic and not there to be skimmed over. If you read the heading and then read about it you are more likely to comprehend the material. 2. Explain how noise level and your learning space impact reading and other academic tasks. 1
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a. If you like a quiet place to study then being in a noisy place will prevent you from studying. Same goes for the place of studying as well if you like small spaces then you should study in a small quiet spot. 3. Describe how to survey a textbook. a. Know the topics to be covered b. Increase your interest in the topics 4. List the steps involved in conducting a preview of a reading assignment. a. Read the chapter title b. Read headings and subheadings c. Read bold and special terms d. Note the typographical adds e. Read the intro f. Read the Summary g. Read the end of chapter material 5. Why should you have a reading purpose? a.
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Study Guide 2 - Chapter 9 Dealing with Stress 1 List the...

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