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Final Study Guide - 14 Know Streetcar through the three...

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Final Study Guide 1. Define communication (symbolic process whereby reality is produced, maintained, repaired, and transformed) is cultural. 2. What is culture? (Social groups and learned behaviors) 3. What is Marxist analysis? 4. What is Semiotic analysis? 5. What is Psychoanalysis? 6. What is the skyscraper model of culture? 7. What is the medium is the message? (Kennedy/Nixon) 8. What traditions were challenged by rock and roll? 9. What is product placement? 10. What is a merchandise tie-in? 11. How was Casablanca a piece of war propaganda? 12. Know who wrote Streetcar 13. Why it was important
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Unformatted text preview: 14. Know Streetcar through the three lenses 15. How are books made into movies? 16. Why are book “better” than movies? 17. On what philosophy is the First Amendment based? 18. What is slander? 19. What is libel? 20. What is emotivism? 21. What are speech codes? 22. How did the photographer of the Viet Cong prisoner’s execution feel about his picture? 23. What is actual malice? 24. What is social responsibility theory? 25. What are ethics? 26. What is prior restrain? 27. What did Time v. Hill prove? 28. Know about Carol Burnett...
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