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Phares 1 Matthew Phares English 101 Section 12 4/ 16/ 2008 Genre Analysis Defensive Soccer Defensive soccer styles differ from book to book and also from a single player to playing as a unit. Thoughtful Soccer written by Russ Carrington teaches defenders to play it smart and always use the safest option possible. On the other hand, Horst Wein teaches players to approach the striker aggressively in his book Developing Game Intelligence in Soccer . Each book teaches different styles of defending not only as a single player but as a unit. In the book Thoughtful Soccer, Russ Carrington teaches many different forms of defense. The style he teaches most is safe soccer. This means that a defender must analyze every play and every outcome within seconds of the play occurring. Then the defender must choose not only the best possible play, but the safest possible play. According to Carrington “To play safe soccer as a single player one must know every option possible and be able to choose the best possible option, not only for the play but for the game.”(Carrington 145). This statement from Thoughtful Soccer, translated into layman’s terms, means a defender must be very intelligent and quick thinking. If a defender is not quick thinking and intelligent then he is not the right person for the job. Thoughtful Soccer not only teaches how to defend as a single player but also how to defend as a unit. Russ Carrington tends to teach players to play a system including a sweeper. A sweeper is a player who is usually the last line of defense between the keeper and other fullbacks. A sweeper is defined by Carrington as “The last form of defense in a system of the 5-
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Phares 2 3-2.”(Carrington 155). The sweeper is the most essential position on the field and should be utilized consequently. A sweeper must be smart, fast, skilled and comfortable with his ability to steal the ball and begin counter attacks. Since they are the last line of defense, they must be a very stable defender who can stop offensive runs and breakaways every time without hesitation. The sweeper must be in control of the rest of the defense at all times. The sweeper is the leader of the other three fullbacks. They must be able to rotate and back up the rest of the team at any given point, but in a 5-3-2 this rotation is not crucial to the team. This style of defense is not only effective but very popular as well. A 5-3-2 system is a form of defense used by many soccer teams. It consists of the 5 fullbacks, three halfbacks, and two strikers. In the 5-3-2 every person is accountable for his own actions. This formation has three central defenders. This system relies greatly on the sweeper and outside fullback providing width for the team as explained by Carrington. The two outside
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Defenisve Soccer - Phares 1 Matthew Phares English 101...

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