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guest editorial - enough off to come off the endangered...

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Well I believe that the endangered species list is becoming smaller but at the same time it is also growing larger. As soon as an animal comes off the list another one goes on the list. This can be contributed to the presence of humans in the animal’s environment, global warming, and destruction of habitat cause by nature such as wildfires and global warming. With very little care from humans the animals are not receiving the adequate help in order to survive. With combined forces of nature and the humans all the animals would be extinct in only a matter of years, but as soon as the humans realized their faults and start to help the animals to survive then that’s is when the animals start coming off the endangered species list. Take the Gray wolf for example, it was almost extinct but once we as in the humans saw this we took measures to help. We started to build reserves and try to persevere the animal’s natural habit. With this help the Gray Wolf was able to make a comeback and get enable to become well
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Unformatted text preview: enough off to come off the endangered species list. Although it was too late to save the America Bison it is not too late to save other animals. If we stop destroying land just to build more strip malls for capitalism then the animals will have a zero chance at survival but if we start building preserves to help the animals then their chance of survival will increase dramatically. Also, if the humans help out but cleaning up their act such as using “green cars” and recycling more then that will help save the environment which in return gives the animals a place to live and grow. Also, not interfering with the animal’s way of life is key. If we leave the animals alone and let the animals be they have a much great chance of surviving. So what I am trying to say here is that the humans need to clean up their act and let the animals more animals would be. Once this is done then so many more animals would survive and come off the endangered species list. Written By Jack Hannah...
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