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Matt Phares Lucas Kelley Dear National Geographic, First off let me introduce myself, I am Steven Rowan a Forest Ranger in Oregon. I have been a Ranger for over fifteen years now, and I am starting to grow concerned about the loss of habit for the animals of the United States. I know for a fact that the Northern Spotted Owl is slowly disappearing. When I first became a ranger I used to be able sit outside my station at night and listen to hundreds of owls, but now it seems like there is only two or three out at night. I feel that the human population is growing so fast and moving into animal territory, that they have forgotten that animals even exists. In the past fifteen years I have seen hundreds and hundreds of acres lost to human construction and wildfires. This combination of human destruction and the wrath of Mother Nature are causing countless animals to become endangered and extinct. If humans keep building and do not try to start preserving more land, I am afraid that just about all the animals native to this country will be gone in the next hundred years.
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Unformatted text preview: Another animal that I have also seen a decline in is the Gray Wolf. Not to be repetitive, but as I said before about the Northern Spotted Owl , when I first became a Ranger I used to see Gray Wolfs just out and about freely roaming the country side. Today if you see a Gray Wolf you should consider yourself very lucky because I am a Ranger and I hardly see them. Thus, on behalf of the animals of the United States I am writing to try and have my letter published in your magazine. If this were to happen, at least it would be a start to raising some awareness about what is happening to the animals of the United States. To sum this up, I am writing to you to try and spark a fire and see if you guys can help raise awareness and maybe even take some kind of action. Please keep me informed and up to date if you plan to do anything. Also, I am willing to do anything in my power to help. -Ranger Steven Rowan...
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