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Phares 1 Matthew Phares English 101 Section 12 3/ 12/ 2008 Interview Paper Life in America vs. Latvia Every person has a different view on life and for a person new to America; it could be a happy view or a frightening view of the country. Leaving your native country is not an easy thing to do. There are so many things that can affect a person when leaving his or her native country. Things such as language, culture, and food, but those are not it- the list could go on and on. Moving from your native country to a foreign one is not only harsh on the person leaving but the rest of his or her family too. It not only takes courage to leave your native country but it also takes the ambition to succeed as well. Mikus Rubenis is a 24 year old graduate student here at West Virginia University who is majoring in Business Administration and graduating this August. Mikus came to America after his senior year of high school from his home town of Gulbene, Latvia. He chose to come to America alone, without his family. For Mikus, moving to America was not as bad as he thought it would be. The education system is better but it comes at a certain price. He has had to take out numerous loans in his name, and he has held a job as long as he can remember. His one true love is his family but his second love is soccer; he played soccer at Shepherd University for four years and served the team as a captain; however, due to the NCAA regulations, he was not allowed to
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Phares 2 play at West Virginia since one has only four years of eligibility. Although even today he still plays for a semi-professional team based out of Virginia. Mikus had to adjust to many changes once he arrived to America. These changes varied from changes in lifestyle and culture to just the typical American food. Mikus told me that the amounts of changes that he had to adjust to were immense. The little subtle changes such as the food and time changes only took about a month to adjust to, but the larger more challenging changes such as the culture and lifestyle are an ongoing learning process. Mikus states “Everyday this country seems to amaze me more and more, I always see someone doing something I have never seen before.” The biggest change for Mikus to make was living without his family. “My family has always been there for me when I needed them, but in American they are so far away. To make it even worse the time difference makes it very hard to talk to them” Mikus states. For Mikus living a world away from his parents is nothing, but could you imagine how hard it would be to live with your family on the other side of the world. It is hard enough for me to have my dad gone for six months at a time but living with my parents on the other side of
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Mikus - Phares 1 Matthew Phares English 101 Section 12 3 12...

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