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Phares 1 Matthew Phares English 101 Section 12 4/ 16/ 2008 Literacy Narrative Mystery Letters As a child I always encountered many problems with my literacy. I struggled in class with reading compression, spelling, and even just talking with other people. I accepted the fact that I was behind the rest of my classmates but what really bothered me was that I could not read my Dad’s letters. Through my childhood my Dad was enlisted in the military, which means he was always on call for his sea tours. During my Dad’s sea tours he would send me letters because at the time of his sea tours cell phones were not readily available. Also, email was still not ready for the general public to use. The only form of communication was with pen and paper or a ground line. The only time my Dad could use a ground line was when he was in port, and that was very expensive and brief. Therefore, the only times I could hear from my Dad were through his letters, which I could not read. When it was my Dad’s first sea tour I did not want him to leave. I actually ran onto the bridge of the aircraft carrier and latched onto his leg so he would not leave. Unfortunately this did not work; he just took me off his leg and gave me to my Mom. He told me, “Be strong and stand tall, if not for me, for your Mom, and if not for her, do it for yourself.” From that point on I have always stood tall and been strong. As the days went by I waited for him to call or write, and finally after a month I received the first letter. I opened the envelope and slowly unfolded the letter with great anticipation. As I began to read the letter the words started to become another language and then faded into gibberish. I took the letter to my Mom so she could read the letter
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Phares 2 to me, but she was too busy with her job. The next day I took the letter to daycare, and asked all the other kids of they could read it to me, but they were all too busy playing with their wooden blocks, dolls, and legos. Then I went to my teacher and asked her but she told me, “Not now honey I have to take care of Jimmy, maybe later.” All I could do now was wait until some read me the letter or teach myself to read. As the years passed my reading skills still lacked. During my Dad’s second and third sea tour things only got worse. When I received his letters I still could not fully understand them. I could read bits and parts of the letter but I could not understand the majority of it. I did not want to ask my Mom to read it to me and I did not want to ask my other classmates either. If I asked my Mom to read it then she would know I was struggling. I did not want to put extra weight on
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Mystery letters - Phares 1 Matthew Phares English 101...

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