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preface - Species list and how very few animals are...

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i Note from the Editor We both like the outdoors and animals, so choosing the Endangered Species list was not hard. We both agreed to the topic very quickly without any hesitation. This topic is something that we are both interested in. We could both find something we would like to work on within the project. We both knew a little about the list, and how it was growing but we did not know how big it growing. Through this project we want to raise awareness about the growing problems of human destruction, loss of habitat , and the problems caused by nature such as wild fires and global warming. Our research question is more or less how to stop endangered species from becoming endangered. We are not targeting any specific audience, but we are trying to show the people who do not know about the problem of the growing Endangered Species list. The purpose of this project is to raise awareness of the growing Endangered
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Unformatted text preview: Species list and how very few animals are starting to make comeback. As stated before we do not have a specific purpose but more a general purpose. This is to raise awareness of the growing problem of animals being put on the endangered species. We have used many different sources to gather our information. We have used the internet, textbooks, library books, and teachers to help us put together our magazine. Our main source has been our text books and the internet. Our framing device is a magazine. We are creating a special edition issue of National Geographic regarding the Endangered Species act and list. We are going to include a cover page, table of contents, pictures of animals in their natural habit, and interactive media on our website. We also plan to use page numbers, a page of ads for products and maybe those little coupons for 12 free issues of the magazine....
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