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Research_Proposal_and_topic_stuff - list Journal Entry...

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Lucas Kelley and Matt Phares English 101-002 Mr. James Holsinger April 4, 2008 Research Proposal -Our topic of research includes all the aspects of the Endangered Species Act. Animals on the ES List, Why they’re on the list, what is the ESA and List -We plan to utilize the look of a magazine in an effort to bring together all of the data in a unique way. -The genres we plan to use to connect the research are as follows: Artwork - cover of the magazine and a drawling within the pages Timeline - to show what the ESA has gone through and accomplished Public Service Announcement - to depict which species have been on the ES list and what species are being put on the list Letter to the Editor - to pose a concern of a particular species could be helped or shouldn’t be helped Short Story - we have decided to choose one animal on the endangered species list and write a story on the reasons why they are on the endangered species
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Unformatted text preview: list. Journal Entry- concerning the destruction of habitat of many endangered and threatened species Scientific Report- concerning the number of animals on the endangered list Guest Editorial- by a famous Biologist such as Jeff Corwin Letter to Someone-with great power such as a mayor or president and letter back from a mayor or president-The sources we plan to use are as follows: The Fish and Wildlife Service website that covers a wide variety of things concerning the ESA The Conservation Biology textbook by George W. Cox that contains many case studies of species that are of concern and are being helped by the endangered species act The Earth Justice website which includes some more history revolving around the ESA The Turner Learning website that further more presents success stories of the ESA Endangered species: a reference handbook written by Clifford J. Sherry...
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Research_Proposal_and_topic_stuff - list Journal Entry...

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